School Closed - 27th&28th June - Staff Training Days

Year 11 Prom - 27th June - 6/6:30pm-11pm Scarborough Spa

Year 10 Parents Evening Booking  Year 10 Parents Evening Booking

School Closed - 27th&28th June - Staff Training Days

Year 11 Prom - 27th June - 6/6:30pm-11pm Scarborough Spa

Year 10 Parents Evening Booking  Year 10 Parents Evening Booking

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SMSC and British Values

iStock_70488931_LARGE (Medium)SMSC development is promoted through many aspects of school life and is embedded in the Vision and Values of Scalby School. Our curriculum ensures that all students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of right and wrong and an appreciation of the Arts in all their forms. We give our students opportunities to practise the skills and attitudes required for them to participate fully in a democratic society. Our SMSC provision is designed to support our Prevent Duty, which is described in our Safeguarding Policy.

Our SMSC provision helps our students to recognise that while different people may hold different views about what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, all people living in England are subject to its law. The school’s ethos and teaching supports the rule of English civil and criminal law and we do not teach anything that undermines it.

SMSC development is delivered especially through; off –site educational visits, the mentor time curriculums which is delivered each morning and is  tightly linked to the weekly assembly programme, Life lessons, mentor reading programme, departmental schemes of learning.

The key objectives of our SMSC development:

Spiritual development:
We aim to develop of a sense of identity, self-reflection, self-worth, personal insight, meaning and purpose. It is about the development of a student’s personality or character.
Moral development:
We enable students to build a framework of moral values, aligned with the law of the land, which regulates their personal behaviour. It is also about gaining an understanding of the range of views and the reasons for the range. It is also about developing an opinion about the different views.
Social development:
We train our students how to work effectively with each other through the development of the inter-personal skills necessary for successful relationships. This is vital to help them to understand how to function effectively in a multi-racial, multi-cultural society by making a positive contribution to the school community and wider society.
Cultural development:
We help our students to develop an understanding of their own culture and other cultures in Scarborough, the Yorkshire and Humber region and in the country as a whole. Our students’ cultural development is intimately linked with the school’s attempt to value cultural diversity, prevent racism and to deepen their understanding of the fundamental values of our British society.

The Promotion of British values

Our SMSC development is consistent with the expectation of maintained schools described in Ofsted’s revised inspection handbook in September 2015. Paragraph 134 of the handbook explains that the social development of pupils will be shown, in part, by their acceptance of and engagement with fundamental British values, developing and demonstrating the skills and attitudes “that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain.”

Students’ understanding of these British values is developed and deepened through our across our curriculum and extra-curricular provision.

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Evidence of how British values are embedded through our subject schemes of learning across all year groups can be found via the link below:

FBV in each curriculum area (click on the link below and enter the password scalbyguest)

SMSC across the curriculum at Scalby

Scalby School Sex and Relationships Curriculum

The document below specifically reference the teaching of the Sex and Relationship Curriculum in Years 7-11 based upon national guidance and advice from North Yorkshire County Council.

Sex and Relationships Education Curriculum

Educate Against Hate


We all want our children to live in a safe and loving environment so that they can grow up to become happy, confident adults. You will already know that your children can be vulnerable to risks both inside and outside the home, and will have taken steps to protect them so they can grow, learn and develop to their fullest potential.

Protecting your children from radicalisation and extremism is similar to protecting them from the other harms you may be more familiar with, such as drugs, gangs and sexual exploitation.

Please access the latest guidance from the Department of Education via the link below

Coast and Vale Learning Trust

About Coast and Vale Learning Trust

The Coast and Vale Learning Trust in Scarborough aims to improve education in the locality through establishing coherent and collaborative practice across schools and other educational institutions in the area.

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