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For Parents and Carers

Attendance and Behaviour

All young people have a right to an education.

A child is of statutory school age between 5 and 18, for Year 7 students admitted to school in September 2008. Parents/carers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their child attends regularly and punctually. If a child does not, parents/carers may be breaking the law.

Scalby School believes that excellent attendance is vital for all students if they are to gain the most from the education we provide. There are clearly documented links between regular attendance and attainment. Every member of the school community will work to raise the attendance levels of the school. This strategy will be led by the Behaviour & Safety Team who will work in partnership with Subject areas to ensure that interventions are synchronised to maximise the potential of all students. A crucial part of the partnership is parents. We hope that parents will assist us in our work of raising attendance levels throughout the school.

The Headteacher and Governing Body of Scalby School are committed to:

  • ensuring that the correct legal procedures are followed in school with regard to attendance;
  • roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and understood by all parties;
  • ensuring that every attempt is made to support students, parents and carers to attend a full time education package suitable to their needs.

Attendance advice for Parents Leaflet

For further Information read the School Attendance Policy

What to do when your child is ill

We know that good levels of attendance and academic success go hand in hand, and as in all areas of school life Scalby School endeavours to maintain the highest of standards.

We accept that all students may become ill from time to time, if you consider that your child is unfit to come to school we ask you to take the following action:

Reporting Absence – Please let us know before 8.25am

Remember to tell us:

  • Your child’s name
  • Year and tutor group
  • Date of absence
  • Reason for absence

Or send a text message to 07860 022949

Telephone our dedicated absence line 01723 362301 and leave a message or

Or send an email to 

Please contact us on each day of absence, until your child returns to school

Coast and Vale Learning Trust

About Coast and Vale Learning Trust

The Coast and Vale Learning Trust in Scarborough aims to improve education in the locality through establishing coherent and collaborative practice across schools and other educational institutions in the area.

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