School Closed - 27th&28th June - Staff Training Days

Year 11 Prom - 27th June - 6/6:30pm-11pm Scarborough Spa

Year 10 Parents Evening Booking  Year 10 Parents Evening Booking

School Closed - 27th&28th June - Staff Training Days

Year 11 Prom - 27th June - 6/6:30pm-11pm Scarborough Spa

Year 10 Parents Evening Booking  Year 10 Parents Evening Booking

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For Parents and Carers

Pastoral and Wellbeing Support

Scalby School 2020 (22)At Scalby School we want every student’s to maximise their full potential, we see a network of pastoral care strategies as being vital to support students and to ensure that any concerns are quickly addressed.

All students are given access to a staff mentor on a daily basis. We see good mentoring as a key component to effective pastoral care.

All students are set new and challenging targets based on their achievement at their previous school, these targets are then reviewed 4 times a year as part of the schools’ Attitude to Learning . This allows us create an environment where we can maximise students’ attainment and achievement. Should a students’ progress fall below our expectations, appropriate actions will be discussed with both the student and their parent, to allow the student to get back on track. The Home School Agreement forms a vital part of ensuring students make good progress.

All students are set homework and should record this in their Student Planners. The amount and type will vary with the subjects they are taking. This work is of great importance and must be done fully and regularly. Parents are asked to assist with this by providing a warm, quiet place to study, if at all possible. If your son or daughter has difficulties with homework, please tell their staff mentor so that the matter can be attended to. Parents are asked to check that homework is being completed, and to check and sign their child’s planner on a regular basis.

Pastoral Staff

At Scalby School we offer a variety of care, guidance and support to students beyond the classroom. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child there are a number of people that you may wish to contact. For any general concerns or information please contact your child’s Mentor in the first instance. There is also a Head of Year attached to your child’s year group whose role it is to oversee any behaviour, attendance or social issues. Subject Heads of Department will have a specific view of your child’s academic performance and progress across all his/her subjects.

The Pastoral Team are:

  • Mrs T Bielby - Senior Leader for Engagement & Safety
  • Mrs S Cammish - Year 9
  • Mrs A Colley - Year 8 (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
  • Mrs N Davey - SENDCO
  • Mrs D Day - Year 10
  • Mrs J Haythorne - SEN Manager
  • Mrs D Langmead - Year 11
  • Mrs H Scott - Year 8 (Thursday & Friday)
  • Mrs K Roberts - Year 7
  • Mrs H Wallace - Senior Pastoral Leader

Social Media, Mobile Phones and E-Bullying

There is increasing concern in schools nationally about incidents of e-bullying via text, email, Facebook etc. Parents are asked to be very vigilant over their son/daughter’s use of such sites. Please note it is now possible to put very tight controls on your Facebook page which blocks access to all but your own “friends”. The protection that school has in place is as follows:

  • School Email – any school emails containing offensive words or phrases are immediately re-directed to the Senior Management Team for appropriate action
  • Mobile phones/MP3 players are not permitted to be used on the school site. If a student does bring a phone/MP3 player into school it must be switched off and in the student’s bag for the duration of the school day. Staff will confiscate any mobile phone that is seen and it will be returned once a parent / carer visits the school reception to collect it.

Useful Links

Useful Links for Parent/Carers

What Parent/Carers Can Do Regarding Wellbeing Concerns 

Useful Numbers for Pupils

  • Compass Buzz, ‘Buzz US’ service - Compass BUZZ offers a confidential text messaging service to young people aged 11-18 across North Yorkshire. By texting the service on 07520 631168 you will be able to receive confidential advice, support and signposting from a wellbeing worker within one working day via text.
  • Samaritans - call 116 123 
  • Childline - call 0800 1111

Useful Links for Pupils

  • The Go-To is a new website that has been launched in North Yorkshire to help support children and young people’s mental health
  • Headspace - is a free app offering guided meditations, mindfulness, sleep advice, animations, articles and videos. Some of the content is only available to paid subscribers. 
  • Daylio - is a free private journal app, without the need to type! Choose from emoji to represent your mood and activities you had been doing. Over time you can notice patterns and understand your habits better. 
  • Mindshift - is a free, scientifically based anxiety tool using cognitive behavioural therapy to help you learn to relax and be mindful, develop more effective ways of thinking and use active steps to take charge of anxiety. 
  • Clear Fear - is a free app providing ways to manage worries and anxiety. It helps you change your anxious thoughts and emotions, alter anxious behaviours and clear fear responses. It also has helpful resources to boost resilience.
  • Carers Plus - Young Carers Resources
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing support from charity run by young people -

  • BBC Own It App - The BBC’s Own It app helps young people new to social media manage their well-being, whilst empowering children to make smart choices, and helping them to lead a positive life online.

Home School Agreement

So that your child benefits from the education that Scalby School has to offer it is important to establish a strong working partnership between all those involved.

The partners are:

  • Student
  • Parent
  • School

Each partner has a vital part to play by being supportive of each other and committed to the success of this partnership. 

Please take time to read our Parent Carer Code of Conduct which sets out expectations on parents while dealing with staff at school 

CVLT Parent Carer Code of Conduct


  • Support the school in seeking high standards of academic attainment, behaviour and dress by supporting the policies outlined in the Prospectus
  • Help my child to work to the best of their ability by showing an interest in schoolwork and in particular Homework
  • Take part in discussing my child’s progress at opportunities that arise throughout the year when invited and, on occasions if I feel it necessary, by contacting the school
  • Keep the school informed of any matters that may affect the progress or attitude of my child
  • Ensure full and regular attendance and punctuality, and contact the school on the first day of any absence giving good reason for the absence, confirmed in writing on return to school


  • Value each student as an individual
  • Create a calm working environment in which success and effort are rewarded
  • Provide National Curriculum courses of study that cater for the needs of each child
  • Seek high academic attainment and the development of the individual to full potential
  • Inform parents at an early stage of any concerns about their child
  • Report to parents six times annually on the progress of their child and invite Parents to a Parents Evening


  • Work to the best of my ability in all schoolwork and homework
  • Behave in a way that does not disrupt the learning of others by following the school’s behaviour policy
  • Take a pride in my appearance by wearing school uniform
  • Be conscious of the need to create an environment which shows visitors a caring community and respect for school property
  • Care for everyone in school and the wider community by showing respect, tolerance and courtesy


  • Have the right to be listened to and taken seriously as individuals or representative groups
  • Have the responsibility to respond to the views of others courteously and treat each other with respect and tolerance
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