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Art and Design

Key Stage 3 Art

We aim to engage, inspire and challenge pupils throughout their time in the Art and Design Department.

KS3 students have one hour of Art a week and are set on the basis of their English attainment. The key skills of drawing, painting and making in clay are taught through project-based work that require students to learn through practical experience. Students are taught to understand the visual elements and will develop skills and techniques in a range of different media. Students are given opportunities to develop their creativity and ideas in response to past and contemporary artists, architects and designers. Students will be taught to understand how their work is assessed, how to get help with feedback and make improvements to their work.

Key Stage 4 Art

All GCSE projects have a broad starting point, such as ‘Portraits’, ‘Time’ or ‘Food’.  Students will explore the varied starting points relating to the theme by producing sketches, drawings, prints and painting. Students can use photography to explore intentions and research styles and concepts. Students gain confidence in their ability to use different art media. Students understand how their work is assessed, how to get help with feedback and make improvements to their work. Students will be taught how to present visual and written information in different creative ways to best reflect the content and enhance work.

In KS4, students have two hours a week and will work on at least two different projects for the coursework/portfolio unit which makes up 60% of their GCSE mark. 40% of the mark is gained by completing an externally set project in Year 11 that students will complete independently.

KS3 Graphics

In KS3, students have one hour of Graphics a week for 10 weeks per year. Graphics is one of four technology subjects that are taught on a carousal. Students are taught to understand the role of a Graphic designer and the influence of graphics in our day-to-day lives. They will learn how to develop their own ideas in response to a client brief and work on a range of different tasks linked to branding, advertising and packaging.

Key Stage 4 Graphics

Students will cover four units as part of their course. The titles are: Introduction to graphic design, Graphic design practice, Responding to a graphic design brief and Graphic design portfolio

Students will learn about the components of Graphic design and visual communication. They will learn to combine images, words and ideas to convey information to an audience. Students will learn to design in both print and electronic forms for the purpose of advertisement, publication or a website.

Students will study the work of graphic designers, illustrators and artists to inspire their development. This qualification focuses on an applied study of the graphic design sector and students will gain a broad understanding and knowledge of working in the industry.

Key Stage 4 Courses Offered

Level 2 Qualification

Exam Board

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Graphic Design


Fine Art


Textiles (Fine Art)




Extra Curricular Activities

The department runs several afterschool sessions for KS4. KS3 students can attend these sessions with agreement from their art teacher. We run an annual Year 7 Art trip to the Yorkshire sculpture park and a Year 9 trip residential to different destinations depending on projects and exhibitions. The department also works on a range of live projects when there is an opportunity and hosts an annual Saturday ‘Big Draw’ session in the department.

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