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GCSE Mathematics



Students in every year group are set homework each week.  This should take typically from 30-40 minutes per week in Year 7 up and will increase year up to about 1 hour 30 minutes per week in Year 11. 

In year 11 it will be expected that students will have developed an independent approach to homework and will also be revising across the year by completing revision practise beyond the class homework being set to assess weekly topics being taught.

All students are issued with a login to Mathswatch, where staff can set homework and examination questions which are marked electronically, providing instant feedback to students and data for the staff to react to when planning intervention and retrieval practice to correct misconceptions. 

The setting of weekly homework is monitored for quality assurance, ensuring that students are gaining the best experience from the time invested in their maths homework.

Extra Curricular Activities

Each year more able students across all years are encouraged and supported to take part in the National Mathematical Challenge Competitions run by the UKMT.

The questions are set by the University of Leeds and are aimed at the top 5% of young mathematicians nationally. The UKMT award bronze, silver and gold certificates to the top performers. We have enjoyed the success of several students going beyond the Maths Challenge to reach the higher stages of the competition.

Every week the mathematics staff provide a Booster to Y11 on Thursdays after school. The staff offer their time freely and student attendance at the booster club is usually high because students value the impact it has.

Useful Links

We subscribe to several websites to support the teaching and learning of mathematics and we review our subscriptions annually to stay ahead of the curve as newer and better resources become available.

Students have their own login for Mathswatch Virtual Learning Environment, where students in all year groups can watch video lessons, try practice questions and check their answers with those of the video teacher, work on questions to check understanding and have them marked instantly, and even complete entire past GCSE papers which are also marked instantly.  

Other useful websites requiring no log in include:

  • Corbett Maths (video lessons and practice questions)
  • Maths Genie (videos and banks of examination questions and exam papers)
  • White Rose Maths (videos linked to our lessons in Y7, Y8 and Y9, plus videos for Y10 and Y11 covering every topic on the National Curriculum for Mathematics)
Coast and Vale Learning Trust

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The Coast and Vale Learning Trust in Scarborough aims to improve education in the locality through establishing coherent and collaborative practice across schools and other educational institutions in the area.

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